Breakin’ Back into the ol’ Blog

The girls enjoying a recent car outing in Malibu.

You know the old adage, “time flies when you’re having fun”. Well, I can attest to the fact that time still flies even if you’re not having fun.

I took brief glance at the front page of Suffering Sux the other day, and I absolutely could not believe that my last entry was dated, August 7, 2012. So much time has elapsed, and so quickly too. We were right smack in the center of the seemingly relentless heat of summer, and now I’m currently enjoying the very first brisk and very wet electric storm of early autumn.

Upon visiting my blog, I was quite dismayed to see that those darn pesky ads are now circulating on my page–at least, they are poppin’ up on my end. Just so ya’ll know, I had nothing to do with it–no additional moolah is being generated by those ugly ads.

But, it was also quite nice to revisit my last entry, which prompted me to fondly recall how so many of you came together to make such a grand and generous contribution to our fundraising efforts, both on a collective and individual level, during the past few months. Knowing that there’s a loving and supportive community planted in my corner, rooting for my recovery, really helped to pull me through some very tough and grueling moments during this most recent hospital stay in August. Another big and very vivacious thank you goes out to you from all of us.

Since so much time has elapsed, and with my energy reserves presently running on extra low, I’m not about to make an elaborate effort to bring you all up to speed with all of my life/health updates in one long-winded post. A lot has transpired, and continues to do so, so a short series of brief blog installments seems to be the best and most sustainable approach. So that’s where I’ll leave you hanging, on that somewhat suspenseful, and hopefully, anticipatory note.


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