Goodbye Ol’ Friend

Marlon zoning out on the deck.

A little over a week ago, we lost a superstar of a cat. He had become an absolute fixture in our lives, weaving his way just a little deeper into our hearts everyday for the last almost-nineteen years. I still can’t believe that he’s gone, but, maybe it’s because his spirit is so strong that just a wee bit of it is still managing to permeate into this dimension from the other side. I can still see him so clearly in my mind — soaking up the warmth of the day from one of his favorite vantage points atop our front deck.

He really was quite a a cat. They all are special, but pretty much anyone who had the privilege of meeting Marlon said same thing, “what a guy.”

He was handsome, adventurous, arrogant, fuzzy, stubborn, extroverted, loving, narcissistic, playful, wise, charismatic, laid-back, wimpy, and a lot of the time, seemingly, a little out-of-it. He was known for his somewhat blank, yet contented, gaze directed straight out into space. I’d like to believe that perhaps he was engrossed in some all-enveloping transcendental experience, but, in reality, I think that he was just zoning out.

One thing was certain however, he loved his life. He was absolutely passionate about it and the people in it, and his absence has left quite a little void in our lives. But the end was rough (he was a hanger-on’r), and while I’m sad about the loss, I find solace in knowing that his suffering is done, and he’s probably hanging out on some white cloud staring blankly out across the endless fields of kitty heaven.

Goodbye old friend, until we meet again.

4 Responses to “Goodbye Ol’ Friend”
  1. Alice Strong says:

    Love the little white nose. Never met him, but I can feel him through your words. What a guy!

  2. Judith says:

    Yeah, I miss him a lot too. He sure was very special to me and I loved him as he were mine. Like you said, he is in a better place in “kitten heaven” and at last reunited with his cronies. : – )

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