Quantum Event: B-Day #42 Power Prayer Polygon Tomorrow@ Noon

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I hope that all of you are enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend with LOTS of great food and fine company.

It’s almost my forty-second birthday, and unfortunately, I’m facing some especially challenging times (health-wise). In an effort to intervene, my dear family and friends will conjoin spiritual and mental forces into a cohesive and focused mass of healing love and light –aka the Power Prayer Polygon (PPP).

You can be a part of the PPP. It’s happening tomorrow, Sunday at high noon.

Tomorrow, November 25, please take a few moments to cast a prayer and or a highly charged positive thought beam of healing energy my way to create a beneficial shift in my health. The PPP transcends all space and time. The quantum forces of the PPP are of equal strength regardless of distance. And if (gasp!) you should happen to miss the mark on the time, be assured that your quantum waves of good will are guaranteed to travel through time to meet with the collective mass of the greater PPP.

A boost in my overall health has occurred in the wake of similar past efforts. With your help, it will happen again.

Let’s make this thing big. Consider sharing this with your friends and family via the buttons below (or other means) and let’s see what the power of the mind and prayer can do.

Thanks for your help.

Shay, Liz and family

4 Responses to “Quantum Event: B-Day #42 Power Prayer Polygon Tomorrow@ Noon”
  1. emmavoberry1 says:

    I’ll be there! Luv. Mama v

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