Snippets from the nearly HERE and not so distant NOW…

I Saw God!
This past week I met god. Seriously, I did – in a dream. He is a simple fellow, he doesn’t have a lot of depth. But he is quite animated, literally. If my dream holds any merit, God is a 2D cartoon character.



It was a simple yet classic representation. He sported the stereotypical white beard, white hair, sandals and flowing white robe. All his omniscient glory was captured in a sort of retro-seventies Hanna Barbera style, and he had an offer that I absolutely could not refuse. I cannot say that I didn’t have to pause to consider the possible ramifications, but, the offer was just one of those things that you just had to agree to.

With his arms outstretched and gesturing toward the entrance of a very stylized cartoon heaven, he invited me to take an exploratory leap into blissful eternity with no strings attached. I briefly hesitated, simply because I was afraid of the unknown. But God, and his seemingly safe  two-dimensional backdrop, was simply much too welcoming.

So, I leapt.  And, as I jumped, I exclaimed at full volume in a very carefree and enthusiastic tone,”ACRIMONIOUS!”

A loud wave of chaotic noise hit my ears, and I immediately woke up to about fifty or so sugar-free licorice gummy bears dancing across my bedroom floor. Apparently, during the start of my free-fall into a never-ending Nirvana, my physical body betrayed me – my left arm swung out and spilled my treasured stash of midnight treats that were strategically placed upon my nightstand.



Another Angel got his Wings


A fairly nondescript package arrived in our mailbox last week.

Liz grabbed the package and (with one eyebrow raised) in a somewhat accusatory but playful voice immediately asked, “What did you order now?”

I told her that I had not ordered a thing. You see, when you’re bed-bound, bored and have access to the internet, well… things happen. But, I assured her that this was not the case, at least not this time.

With a mysterious package of unknown origin sitting in our midst, we wasted no time and immediately began tearing at the packaging. And just a few rips in, a sweet little surprise began to emerge.

Liz got the first glimpse. “AWWWWW, it’s PERFECT!”

“What is it?”, I impatiently yelped.

Liz briefly waves it up in the air, and tosses it my way.

“Oh, it IS perfect.” It was a little Sock Monkey angel Christmas tree ornament complete with little wings, a tinsel halo and that big, FAT, classic, RED Sock Monkey grin. It’s a wonderful addition to our tree, and yet another little critter to add to my ever-growing Sock Monkey collection.

Thanks so much Lori!!! What a great gift.


Upcoming…. A Holiday Prayer Circle. Details to come!!!

2 Responses to “Snippets from the nearly HERE and not so distant NOW…”
  1. Judith says:

    You told me the dream you had the other day. It was cute but now written in your own words its even cuter… 🙂 Even God has some sense of humor…About your sock monkey angel I thought it was terrific and perfect for your christmas tree, too.

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