Monthly Mystical Power Prayer Polygon: This Sunday 12 Noon

Motorized me

Motorized me

Chalk it up to seasonal affective disorder, lack of motivation, fatigue, winter hibernation or perhaps just laziness (ha!), let’s face it, Suffering Sux has been suffering from a serious lack of content lately. Ah well… I guess that’s the way the blog rolls sometimes.


But one reocurring event is still on course–The Monthly Mystical Power Prayer Polygon.

Every third Sunday of the month at 12:00 Noon Pacific, countless kind souls from around the globe conjoin mental forces to create a positive shift in my health. We invite you to join together once again this Sunday, March 17, at noon for this virtual and powerful prayer circle.


Apparently the power of your positive intention can be amplified by focusing your healing energies on an image of me, so I’ve uploaded a photo of me, just in case you’ve forgotten what I look like. ha!


Thanks again everyone… may this Prayer Event be the one to yield the greatest results yet.

Oh… and Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day too!


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