Last Hope… Going to Mayo

By Liz Elliott

 Shay needs your help to make a very important trip to one of the Mayo Clinics in Rochester, MN.
Mayo_MN_Gonda_3884cpIt’s a world renowned institution and, during a recent trip to Stanford this past March, Dr. Weyand, was adamant that only Mayo could help us, and our neurologist at UCI agreed. Both doctors are Mayo alumni, very lucky for us. The waiting line for acceptance into Mayo is several years long without a Mayo referral.

Shay has been struggling the last couple months. UCLA is not able to figure it out, and frankly, not very active in doing much without a great amount of prodding. Much of what has helped Shay is due to our research and constantly having to advocate for its implementation

Right now, Shay is still mostly trapped in bed, unable to sit up for very long without pain and difficulty breathing. We need to make this trip!

On May 7th we meet with the first doctor and then we go from there. Because of her weak condition, I had to move the appointment up 10 days, and luckily there was a cancellation.

Our epic drive half-way across the country starts tomorrow. Any help you can offer is appreciated, and please spread the word. We still need to keep raising money for the longer term.

Please consider donating to phase 2 of our ongoing fundraising drive. << Click here



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