Oh… Hi. It’s been a while.

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this blog… talk about stagnant. Suffering Sux must be what pops up when you Google the word “stagnant”. As most of you know, we returned from our epic journey to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota around the first of June. Unfortunately, this medical visit didn’t really provide … Continue reading

Last Hope… Going to Mayo

By Liz Elliott  Shay needs your help to make a very important trip to one of the Mayo Clinics in Rochester, MN. It’s a world renowned institution and, during a recent trip to Stanford this past March, Dr. Weyand, was adamant that only Mayo could help us, and our neurologist at UCI agreed. Both doctors … Continue reading

Monthly Mystical Power Prayer Polygon: This Sunday 12 Noon

Chalk it up to seasonal affective disorder, lack of motivation, fatigue, winter hibernation or perhaps just laziness (ha!), let’s face it, Suffering Sux has been suffering from a serious lack of content lately. Ah well… I guess that’s the way the blog rolls sometimes.   But one reocurring event is still on course–The Monthly Mystical … Continue reading

First Prayer Circle of the New Year: 1-20-13 @ Noon

Dear Friends and Family, This Sunday’s synchronized event (Jan 20, at 12 noon PST) will mark the first Prayer Circle of 2013. My health has stabilized somewhat, which is good, but a lot of improvement is still required for me to start resuming relatively normal activity. I’ve been able to sit up a bit in … Continue reading

Snippets from the nearly HERE and not so distant NOW…

I Saw God! This past week I met god. Seriously, I did – in a dream. He is a simple fellow, he doesn’t have a lot of depth. But he is quite animated, literally. If my dream holds any merit, God is a 2D cartoon character.   It was a simple yet classic representation. He … Continue reading

Quantum Event: B-Day #42 Power Prayer Polygon Tomorrow@ Noon

I hope that all of you are enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend with LOTS of great food and fine company. It’s almost my forty-second birthday, and unfortunately, I’m facing some especially challenging times (health-wise). In an effort to intervene, my dear family and friends will conjoin spiritual and mental forces into a cohesive and focused mass … Continue reading

This Thursday: L.A. Streetsblog Eastside Tour to Benefit the Shay’s Kick Butt & Get Better Fund

The wonderful folks at  L.A. Streetsblog are hosting a great evening of  enlightening film, tasty food and fresh fun to benefit my ongoing fundraising campaign, Shay’s Kick Butt and Get Better Fund, which helps offset my ever-growing medical costs. Thanks to all who are donating their precious time, space and moolah to help make this happen. Event … Continue reading

Hot New Muscle Community–Sign up for Shay’s Angels today!

Dear Friends and Family, As many of you know, I have been facing additional health complications involving neuromuscular symptoms that are severely impacting my basic functions, such as sitting, swallowing and even breathing. The working diagnosis as of right now is Myasthenia Gravis (MG), which is a rare autoimmune neuromuscular disease, but is much more … Continue reading

Push Girls are All the Rage

Push Girls is a new reality show that chronicles the life stories of four very attractive and determined women who just happen to be living their lives from the seat of their manual wheel chairs—hence the name “push” girls. Although, the title is meant to reference more than the actual wheelchair itself—it also refers to … Continue reading

Fighting for my Life Moment by Moment

We’ll I’ve been having some hard times, yet again. The IVIG infusions seem to help, but in a very limited way. The therapy is very costly, and the doctors don’t feel that that my limited response (thus far) is worth the expense, and the risk. I will receive two more infusions, but if I don’t … Continue reading

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