EXPOnential Goodness

Last week I made sure to lay low in the days prior to Saturday, so that I could save up and cash in my precious energy chips at the annual Abilities Expo here in L.A. The Expo was quite fab this year. I’ve only attended one other year (last year), but exhibitors, workshops and attendees … Continue reading

From the Trenches

Thanks to all for your enthusiastic and supportive messages yesterday (on FB). Will today prove to be  good day #2? I sure hope so, and I’m going to test it out by making an attempt to go mattress shopping today. For the past year and a half I’ve been sleeping on a cheap soy-based foam … Continue reading

The Making of a Sock Monkey Junky

Sock Monkey Evolution

>> Get Sock Monkey goods designed by yours truly at my store I wasn’t always a Sock Monkey freak. But spending a substantial part of last year sick and stuck in the dreary hospital environment can yield unexpected results. Confined to a hospital bed, in pain, drugged up, sleep deprived, somewhat disoriented and connected to … Continue reading

Joyous Rain = Unwelcome Pain: Bring on the Hi-tech Ergo Seat Now ( + pancakes! )

The body seems to function as some type of barometer, because my joints really start to hurt about a day or two before any type of rain. Many people with arthritic conditions report this correlation between rain and pain, but all of this is simply anecdotal. Years of medical research have failed to establish a … Continue reading

Is this Wheelie Me?

Dangerous, vulnerable, jerky, unpredictable, ultra-sensitive, robotic, deliberate, afraid, imposing, fast, and powerful. This is how I feel as I operate my new power wheelchair. After a long six month wait, my power wheelchair has finally arrived. The long wait really only came as the result of total and absolute incompetence on the part of the … Continue reading

To See or Not to See

These are the glasses that allow me to see. I had near perfect vision until high-dose prednisone (used to control my vasculitis) caused cataracts in both eyes. The cataract in my right eye was so bad that surgery was required to suck out my cataract and replace my natural lens with an intraocular lens implant. The lens … Continue reading

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