Last Hope… Going to Mayo

By Liz Elliott  Shay needs your help to make a very important trip to one of the Mayo Clinics in Rochester, MN. It’s a world renowned institution and, during a recent trip to Stanford this past March, Dr. Weyand, was adamant that only Mayo could help us, and our neurologist at UCI agreed. Both doctors … Continue reading

Joyous Rain = Unwelcome Pain: Bring on the Hi-tech Ergo Seat Now ( + pancakes! )

The body seems to function as some type of barometer, because my joints really start to hurt about a day or two before any type of rain. Many people with arthritic conditions report this correlation between rain and pain, but all of this is simply anecdotal. Years of medical research have failed to establish a … Continue reading

To See or Not to See

These are the glasses that allow me to see. I had near perfect vision until high-dose prednisone (used to control my vasculitis) caused cataracts in both eyes. The cataract in my right eye was so bad that surgery was required to suck out my cataract and replace my natural lens with an intraocular lens implant. The lens … Continue reading

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