Valentine’s Day 2.0

It’s been quite a few days since Valentine’s Day. And, even though we’re in the hard heat of the President’s Day weekend, I prefer to bask in the warm afterglow of this latest holiday day that, in my humble option, should be extended. There are no other peeps that are more deserving of our extended … Continue reading

It might just take “20 Years”

Well, it’s definitely not Monday, but I think that I can get away with the yesterday, (Monday) was Christmas day observed  excuse, for why this latest “Music Mondays” offering is actually getting posted a day late. Not that anyone seriously cares anyway, or, at least, I hope not. It’s been a while now, but when … Continue reading

3M: Mellow Music Monday

It’s a nice rainy evening here in Southern California. In fact, we’ve enjoyed a nice steady rain for most of today. Time to get into your cozy pajamas and enjoy a bit of mellow ambient music. This is one of my all-time favorite vocalists. Let’s hear a round of applause for Lisa Gerrard. Enjoy “Space … Continue reading

Why do we suffer?

  Yeah, I was planning on publishing another piece by now, but, as the gods would have it, a few complicating factors inserted themselves into our lives. Just little things, like a 60 foot tree falling on our house during the recent freakish windstorm (it just grazed it thankfully), and more back pain, which resulted … Continue reading

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