Runnin’ Rough

I did everything that I could do to stay away, but the gravitational pull of the hospital obviously has a strong, unyielding grip on me, and this last trip to the hospital was just plain frustrating. This time I had to make the dreaded trip to the ER because I was running a fever of … Continue reading

Hot New Muscle Community–Sign up for Shay’s Angels today!

Dear Friends and Family, As many of you know, I have been facing additional health complications involving neuromuscular symptoms that are severely impacting my basic functions, such as sitting, swallowing and even breathing. The working diagnosis as of right now is Myasthenia Gravis (MG), which is a rare autoimmune neuromuscular disease, but is much more … Continue reading

Quite frankly, I’m friggin’ bored

A significant span of time has passed since I’ve provided y’all with a fairly comprehensive overview of my recent health status. Although, between fairly infrequent blog updates, and Facebook status updates, many of you are likely to be caught up with my current situation. But, we recognize that some of you are not quite as plugged … Continue reading

Push Girls are All the Rage

Push Girls is a new reality show that chronicles the life stories of four very attractive and determined women who just happen to be living their lives from the seat of their manual wheel chairs—hence the name “push” girls. Although, the title is meant to reference more than the actual wheelchair itself—it also refers to … Continue reading

Goodbye Dr. Hahn

In mid-May Liz and I received some startling news. In a casual email correspondence with Dr. Hahn’s assistant, we were informed that Dr. Hahn is retiring at the end of June. There was no official notice, and no suggested referrals to other doctors. It was just a simple FYI embedded within the body of a … Continue reading

Fighting for my Life Moment by Moment

We’ll I’ve been having some hard times, yet again. The IVIG infusions seem to help, but in a very limited way. The therapy is very costly, and the doctors don’t feel that that my limited response (thus far) is worth the expense, and the risk. I will receive two more infusions, but if I don’t … Continue reading

EXPOnential Goodness

Last week I made sure to lay low in the days prior to Saturday, so that I could save up and cash in my precious energy chips at the annual Abilities Expo here in L.A. The Expo was quite fab this year. I’ve only attended one other year (last year), but exhibitors, workshops and attendees … Continue reading

Let’s Rock this Medical Boat — this Sunday!

The Quantum Healing Forces will reunite, once again, in a focused effort to resurrect optimal health for me, Ms. Shay. And what better day to do this than on Easter Sunday. My family and I invite you to slip into your sparkly cosmic dream suit and direct your quantum healing currents and prayers my way. … Continue reading

From the Trenches

Thanks to all for your enthusiastic and supportive messages yesterday (on FB). Will today prove to be  good day #2? I sure hope so, and I’m going to test it out by making an attempt to go mattress shopping today. For the past year and a half I’ve been sleeping on a cheap soy-based foam … Continue reading

Down for the Count

Yes, I’m down—both figuratively and literally. For the past three to four months I’ve been experiencing mild to moderate muscle weakness primarily in my trunk, neck and upper thigh muscles. At first the weakness was fairly minor.  After a couple of hours of sitting up, I would just start to experience an overall sensation of … Continue reading

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