Back from the Almost-Dead… Yet Again

{EAV:c2b5045fabef62f2} Well, it seems like I’ve made it through another serious health scare. The Monday before last, I went in for a routine follow-up visit with my Rheumatologist. As usual, labs were ordered to be sure that my numbers were good. So Liz and I zipped into the lab, got my blood drawn, and we … Continue reading

The Making of a Sock Monkey Junky

Sock Monkey Evolution

>> Get Sock Monkey goods designed by yours truly at my store I wasn’t always a Sock Monkey freak. But spending a substantial part of last year sick and stuck in the dreary hospital environment can yield unexpected results. Confined to a hospital bed, in pain, drugged up, sleep deprived, somewhat disoriented and connected to … Continue reading


Me… this past June 2011 with severe pneumonia. Lots of fun, I tell you. When the hospital staff starts pulling out all kinds of forms asking whether you’d like to be resuscitated in the unfortunate event that you should die, well… then, you know it’s kinda serious. Surprisingly, when confronted with the decision, I didn’t … Continue reading

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